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From books and home study courses, to seminars and personal phone coaching with Deedre - the products and services on this page are available to assist you on your journey. Shopping on our site is safe! Our site uses technology that ensures your personal and payment information is kept confidential and secure. If you have any questions about any of our programs, please contact us at(913) 626-4373 or (913)

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Chakra Essence Products
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Price $14.95



The ABC’s of Chakra Therapy: 
A Workbook

The ABC’s of Chakra Therapy is a practical, user-friendly guidebook that leads you on a journey of self-healing and transformation by exploring your energy field – specifically the seven main energy centers, or chakras. Deedre Diemer’s unique qpproach draws on a variety of therapies – visualization, sound, color, aromatherapy, reflexology, crystals and gemstones, along with yoga and other physical exercise. She combines facets of these powerful healing techniques so you can clear energy blocks and open to healing on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

By familiarizing yourself with your chakras, you become more aware of your own energy, and will easily recognize energy that belongs to someone or something else. When you can sense your own energy, it is easy to see when you’re being influenced by the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that belong to other people, that come from childhood programming, or from societal conditioning. By using the tools and methods provided in this book, you will be able to clear your energy so you are better able to see clearly what needs to be done; in short, you are able to take control of your life.

Unique to this workbook is the “Where is Your Energy Blocked?” self-diagnostic. This exercise is designed to help you locate where energies may be blocked and where the chakras are out of balance. Once these are ascertained, you can then choose the techniques and therapies for alleviating these conditions.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"Good way to learn to calm and center yourself.
This is an excellent book for someone who want to make progress in any aspect of his or her life. It’s a fun, informative read!"
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Price $299.95

The Authentic Energy
Self-Study Course

The Authentic Energy Home Study Course is designed to be listened to in sequential order… initially.  Once completed, I encourage you to go back and listen to the individual CD’s for review and/or a “tune up”.  The first three CD’s provide instruction on the Authentic Energy Clearing Techniques: the foundation for energy balancing and release. I recommend you practice these skills while listening to the other CD’s to accelerate and facilitate your healing process.  The remaining CD’s are an exploration of each individual chakra (energy center), starting with the 1st chakra and culminating with the 7th chakra.  Included in this course is a special bonus CD: the “Authentic Energy Chakra Balancing Meditation”.

Each CD will lead you on a guided visualization of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues specific to each chakra with special emphasis on co-dependency issues. I will be asking questions designed to “bring up the issues” and hidden memories specific to each chakra. As these “issues” surface, you will have an opportunity to release them energetically, by dissolving the “pictures” as they come up; “running energy” and using the energy balancing and release techniques discussed on the first three CD’s.

This is an extremely powerful and transformational process: an opportunity to release patterns on an energetic level! I have witnessed remarkable healing and transformation in those who have used these techniques.  I, myself, being one of them!!  

This is just one step along The Authentic Journey…to freedom, to that place where you are truly Authentic and it’s my honor to share it with you.  Many blessings to you as you learn to embrace change and transform your old addictive patterns into living an authentic, fulfilling life! 

Remember, be good to you and please be gentle with yourself!

In loving support…


For a detailed description of this course - click here.

Enlightment Series CD 1

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Volume 1 (one CD) Only $19.95


The Enlightenment Series
3-Part Audio CD Program

Volume 1:
Are Your Goals True to Who You Are?

Are the goals you set for yourself, truly YOURS or are they somebody else’s? Just another means of seeking approval and validation from an outside source?

This is just one of the topics discussed during this live recorded teleclass Q&A session audio program with best selling author Deedre Diemer. In this special audio program Deedre also explores:
• Viewing Distractions as an Empowerment Opportunity.
• The Power of Compassionate Detachment.
• Awareness as the Number 1 Key to Fulfillment.
• The Importance of “Present Time” in manifesting your goals.
• Letting Go and Trusting.
• Winter Solstice: Going Into the Dark Places and Letting the Light In.

Enlightment Series Volume 2

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Volume 2 (one CD) Only $19.95

Volume 2:
Completion & New Beginnings:
A New Year's Chaka Balancing Meditation

Let Deedre guide you on this journey of embracing the endings and new beginnings that come with the New Year during this live recorded teleclass.

Through a gentle guided meditation, Deedre reviews the seven main energy centers with specific focus on the issues that come up during the holidays. This special audio program covers:

• Recognizing and Acknowledging the Ebb and Flow of Life’s Energy.
• Are you grounded in the Present Time?
• Where did you leave your Energy?
• Balancing the Seven Chakras.


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Volume 3 (one CD) Only $19.95

Volume 3:
What is Your Permission Level to Have What You Really Want?

New Year’s traditionally is a time to make “resolutions” and set goals for the coming year. Why then so often, do we fall way short of achieving these goals? Perhaps they are not in alignment with who we are. Or perhaps we really haven’t given ourselves Permission to have what’s in our hearts!

Teaching a special “energy tool”, your very own, “Permission Level Gage” for measuring your willingness to have, Deedre gently guides you to look at your “Permission Level” to have what you really want in these areas of your life:

• Seeing things in a light-hearted, neutral way.
• Career of your dreams.
• Being Psychic.
• Happiness and Joy.
• Prosperity.
• Relationships.
• Your Perfect Health.
• Being Authentic!
• Your Heart’s Desire.


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Volume 4 (one CD) Only $19.95

Volume 4:
Creating a Safe Space for Yourself

In this day and age of multi-tasking as a norm and the constant assault on our senses by the media, the internet, and each other… it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that our own personal space remains intact.  The cry:  “You’re invading my space!” is very real on the physical as well as energy level.

In this recorded teleclass, Deedre reveals energy transforming secrets on:

• How to clear out other people’s energy (unwanted attention) from your personal space, thus creating a safe, more peaceful space for yourself.
• Real life scenario regarding tips on how to handle those noisy neighbors on an energy level.
• Clearing out your work space to create a more productive environment for yourself.
• How to create your space so that it’s either inviting or promotes a “stay away until you’re invited in” message
• Discover the importance of clearing the energy out of your personal objects:

Your Bed!!  (you don’t need ex-lovers hanging around!)

• Deedre will also share with you a “quickie” tune-up technique for your clearing and balancing your chakras.


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Volume 5 (one CD) Only $19.95

Volume 5:
Taking Time to Love and Nurture Yourself

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Deedre explores the relationship to Self and being your own special Valentine;   being your own Beloved rather than relying solely on the relationships outside of you to nurture you.

How do you nurture yourself?  Do you? What does nurturing look like to you? 
            • Mothering, Fathering?
            • Fuzzy blanket?
            • Your pet?
            • Being held in your beloved’s arms”
What are your beliefs around nurturing yourself?
            • I don’t have enough time
            • It’s not important
What if “true” nurturing was something completely different than what you thought?  Free yourself up to the nurturing that is available to you Now in this very special teleclass as Deedre leads you on a magnificent journey to The Nurturing Universe where the authentic avenues of self-nurturing, what is unique to YOU, will be revealed to you.  Your only job is to remain open to receiving it. 

Remember, You are a Divine Being Having a Human Experience on this journey to authenticity.


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Volume 6 (one CD) Only $19.95

Volume 6:
The Secrets of Your Aura:  Revealed!

We’ve all heard someone mention:  “Wow, so-and-so has such an aura about him/her!”  What is an aura and how is it formed?  What information will someone’s aura reveal to you?  Learn how to “read” your own aura and discover its hidden messages.

In this very powerful and informative teleclass, Deedre guides you on a healing, rejuvenating and relaxing guided visualization exploring the seven layers of the aura. You will explore:
            • Color – what do the colors in your aura mean?
            • Are there any rips or tears in your aura? And if so, how do you heal them?
            • How to “smooth out the edges” of your aura.
            • What are the significant issues related to each layer of the aura?
            • Who’s in your energy field?  Learn techniques on how to remove the energy.
            • Tap into your own healing energy and learn how to send it to others.
            • Are there any unconscious agreements or contracts between you and another person that are showing up in your aura?  How do you renegotiate?  

  • What do you do with that person who just won’t leave you alone?  Learn a quick technique to get his/her energy off of you!



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Combine Volumes 1, 2 & 3 for a 10% Discount $54.95 total.

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Combine Volumes 4, 5 & 6 for a 10% Discount $54.95 total.

Combine Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6
for a 20% Discount $96.95 total.

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Price $99.95


This 9 Audio CD Set is the complete recordings of the Enery Balancing for the Multi-Tasker Teleclass Series. Includes the Multi-Tasker's "The Be List" and an Authentic Journey Hanpainted Sand Dollar!

For a detailed description of this course - click here.


Giving Gratitude
From the Best-Selling Wake Up…
Live the Life You Love Series

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Price $14.95
Everyone has some reason to be thankful. It probably changed your life. Shouldn’t other people know about that?

In these pages you will read of the many reasons each of us has to express gratitude.

You will learn how expressing gratitude will create more reasons to be thankful.

You will even see how you can recognize blessings you might have missed; how you can create you own methos of giving thanks, and how these expressions of gratitude will elad to a greater abundance in your life.

Gratitude is very simple, but is effect on our lives can be profound. Open the cover and begin to feel the power of thankfulness.

--- From “Introduction”

In her story, “With Gratitude”, Deedre Diemer shares about a time in her life, while in the midst of going through a painful divorce and recovering from co-dependency, she felt on the verge of suicide, yet chose thankfulness instead. What a difference an attitude of gratitude can make!
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